This is it; we officially launched our new ministry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Victory International Ministries. This Ministry is in direct obedience to a Word from God. The purpose of this new work is to reach out to the unsaved, unchurched and all those who have been connected to our ministry through the No More Limitations Bible Study and Radio Broadcast. The launch of this ministry has been very highly anticipated. We have seen God do the miraculous over the past few weeks and we continue to place a demand on the Spirit of the Living God. We are committed to be fishers of men; not fishing in the aquarium (other churches), but the sea (of the world).

As Pastor-Teacher, we will be working on establishing and training a ministry team that will have the same spirit of excellence that we have right here in Victory International Ministries.

We would love for you to come and see what the Lord has done and is doing. We can never be defeated, because Christ is our VICTORY!

Yours in Christ,
Mike & Nichelle, Pastors