Pastor Nichelle M. Landry, a native of Baton Rouge, La. has possessed a heart for ministry for a long as she can remember. Raised in church and exposed to ministry at all levels-one can say her destiny was inevitable. As the third child born to the union of the late Alexander Moore and Corine Moore-Chenevert, Nichelle had been given a plethora of godly instruction. And it was during her teenage years she began to sense the call of God on her life. After many years of not responding to the call, the death of her Brother and Father within a twelve month period created a renewed sense of calling because of a greater understanding of life and death. This tragedy fueled her burning desire to see all men saved and come into the knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). Months later, Nichelle experienced a personal encounter with the Lord by way of an open vision and began the journey of wholeheartedly serving God. After many years of serving as a Sunday School Teacher and Youth Bible Study Teacher, God promoted Nichelle by calling her into the office of Evangelist. In 2005 she was licensed into ministry by the Rev. Henry J. Brown at First Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church. Nichelle is anointed to teach and preach the prophetic word of God and to instruct His people in sound doctrine resulting in transformed lives. Her philosophy is, “who can argue with a changed life?”